Difference and Existence continued

Hi, welcome back.

In my previous post I ended by saying that it was by far not all that could be said about Difference and Existence and I stick to that; there’s more work to be done.

So one question to ask is: “Is Difference discrete or continuous? And, by extension, is Existence also?”

After a little thought, I’ve come to the answer that no, Difference is not continuous, but Existence could be.

Difference is not a gradient between difference and sameness. Something either is or isn’t different, no matter how big or small you go. Even on the classic grey scale ‘line’ from black to white, there’s still one point where, even though white is more and more interspersed with black, the black finally stops, and it’s all white afterwards.

But Existence, or rather “Wu”, certainly could be continuous – I rather think it most probably is.

A quick way to demonstrate the notion of discrete difference and continuous “Wu” is to imagine a 2D grid, or mesh. Pinch one intersection and lift it away from the rest of the grid. Let the four line segments stretch into a pyramidal shape. There. The point at the top of the pyramid is discretely difference from everything else, yet the fact that it’s made of lines and intersections of the grid means it’s still part of everything else. Continuous.

Much to my own dismay, we have to leave Science behind at this point. But by no means must we leave Reason with it!

I say Science stops here because it is often said that Science only deals with what can be measured. And unfortunately, “Wu” cannot, by definition, be measured. Not with our brains. We need difference, a point of reference, a means to relate.

Ah, but there’s hope! Mathematics isn’t limited to 3D or 4D. It can go up to any number of dimensions.

I used to think that mathematicians used extra dimensions as a ‘magic wand’: “This theory/equation/idea doesn’t work in the nth dimension…” to which they’d say “Nuh-uh! It works in the (n+1)th dimension, so there.” Easy! Just invent a new dimension defined as “one where xyz-equation is True” and there you go!

But, thankfully, that’s not how it happens (in any self-respecting and honest circles).

Anyway, this all ties back to a notion I would entertain occasionally – that I (my consciousness and sensory impressions) was actually nothing more than ‘surfing’ on the crest of a wave as it moved through the Universe; a contortion of “Wu”, a wrinkle, or a million billion wrinklets, a frothing foam of “Wu” that I believe is hard Reality and Existence.

This, however, doesn’t mean we’re somehow hopping from one experience to another – from one ‘state of existence’ to another – because, just like the raised point on a 2D grid (in 3D space, admittedly), if you lift the next point, you have two raised points. You can now lower the former one, and you’ve effectively ‘moved’ from one space to the next in one continuous Existence. The difference is discrete, but the existence is continuous. Argumentative minds will contend the matter of having two points… I’ll have to think about that some more – this is, after all, an exploration…

Try it yourself – it’s pretty exhilarating to wonder – is your body, and everything you see around you, just the Difference Wave-front of a more invisible “Wu” of Nothingness that you ‘think’ you’re moving ‘through’? Surfs up, Dude! What a rush!

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