Time-lapse and human-centric scales

In a breathtaking video on the various forms of coral in the Great Barrier Reef, Daniel Stoupin breaks us out of our human-scaled sense of Time and shows us what he aptly calls “Slow Life.” Before going any further, please take a look – not only is it edifying but it is beautiful:


Another incredible documentary is The Private Life of Plants – the BBC documentary narrated by the inimitable Sir David Attenborough, which shows, through time-lapse footage the incredibly ‘intelligent’ movements of plants as they grow and feel about.

Our sense of scale is so limited by our own experience that trees seem immobile, but slow down time, and you’ll see these ‘creatures’ move around, adapt and change to their surroundings. We’re so stuck inside our own heads that there are things we rarely get a chance to consider…

Anyway, ponder, consider, and appreciate the wonder of life on every scale…

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