The Hand in the Glove

I’ve hit a wall… But I will attempt to press on. In the meantime, let me share with you how I hit that wall, and what it is.

It began with the realisation that an infinite ‘line’ of zero-dimensional points will always add-up to a line of zero length – that is, a point!

My attempts at a solution were:

1) These involutions of apeiron ex-sist only when ‘needed’. That is to say, there is a Point only when we ‘look’ for it, and it will be where we look. But we will know nothing of its neighbours (principally because we aren’t ‘looking’ at them!)

2) tThere is only one zero-D Point, and all points of a 1D line are that point. This makes for a sort of ‘concentric’ space where every point on a line is an extension of The Zero-D Point, and higher up, every line of a 2D plane is an extension of The 1D Line, and so on.

3) A combination of both: our ‘consciousness’, being of this Universe, is a whorling masse of transformations which, when ‘oriented’ (attention is given) towards a Point, actually causes that Point, there, where it’s ‘looking’. Transformations giving rise to involutions.

This latter notion flies in the face of my initial assumptions that there exists an objective Reality outside of our consciousness (the Moon is there whether I look at it or not and would be there were there no forms of consciousness alive on Earth).

I am extremely unwilling to concede that point. Why? Because it means that consciousness is a creative force of Reality – which leads to the answer that anything imaginable is possible – which it isn’t. It would be madness to think otherwise.

Another thing I forgot to consider is that transformations are immaterial and dimensionless, so an infinity of transformations-stacked-on-transformations (the interdependent ‘Wu’ of all transformations), would ‘fill’ no space at all.

What is this ‘Wu’ made of? If “Everything is Energy”, then Energy is a substance. Unless Energy is a quantity of change of some substance (aether? apeiron? wu?), then we will be unable to ‘know’ this substance since we are that substance, and what we use to probe the substance is also made of the substance. The tablecloth cannot ‘know’ itself – no matter how you wrinkle it, pinch it, twist it, you cannot use the tablecloth to investigate another part of the tablecloth. This is because in attempting to twist the tablecloth, you provoke the existence which is between your fingers.

The smallest instrument you can imagine to measure physical reality will inevitably encounter entities as small as it.

Pinch a bedsheet (or tablecloth) between your thumb and forefinger. This wrinkle is you, your measuring apparatus. Use that pinched wrinkle to pinch another part of the sheet (so that you have four layers of sheet between your fingers). Your instrument ‘measures’ a thickness of two sheets whenever you attempt to measure. By measuring, you are provoking the ex-sistence of that which you are measuring.

And because we exist in an infinite apeiron, we cannot ‘cheat’ and pinch the edge of the tablecloth – because there is no edge for us!

The only way for us to measure the true ‘thickness’ (the smallest form of existence of our Reality) is to tear the fabric of Reality. By ‘breaking’ Physics, Reality will become known. But we risk destroying ourselves. ‘Poking’ one finger through the hole will allow us to measure from the other side, but in our reality, is it possible to ‘poke’ something from our Reality through a hole in our Reality? It would become un-Real, thus detached from us. Like trying to pinch the thickness of the tablecloth, but by putting a finger through the hole, we lose that finger, and therefore can no longer ‘pinch’ anything!

This whole problem arises from our need for comparison, relation, ratiocination. Comprehension without comparison is like trying to pinch something with only one finger. This leaves us with pure experience, the buddhist or zen ‘no mind’. Not very useful in my opinion.

Many thoughts come to mind: The hand within the glove. At most we will always ever feel the two layers of glove between our fingers. But what of the hand? Is our consciousness ‘on the other side’ of this ‘fabric of Reality’? One might be inclined to think in the affirmative because of the simple reason that the mind can conceive of things which are not Real and so is not limited to it – the hand can pull itself out of the golve.

But if the mind too was a product of Reality, then even conceptual ideas of this reality will reach their limit. It does, however, allow us to progress farther in the discovery of phyiscality beyond subatomic particles and Higgs bosons, etc.

Right, well that’s my wall. Is this Gödel’s incompleteness theorem? Sort of. This is the observer-vs.-observation problem. This is Decoherence vs. the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, and the whole problem physicists are up against right now.

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