Suffering is Difference, Bliss is Sameness.

That sounds like a platitude. Indeed it might be.

It’s just an expression of my latest understanding and once again my ‘obsession’ with the way Reality keeps consistently ‘boiling down to’ Sameness and Difference.  I’m quite astounded that what I had until now thought applied metaphysically and physically, also applies emotionally/spiritually.

I had been chewing on the way (the why?) in which ‘judgement’ was the root of our suffering and trying to understand what it stems from (see my previous post “Judgement or Discernment?“), where, with the help of the comment from Hariod, it dawned on me that any judgement (whether it be upon the actions performed or the person performing it) arises from the imbalance (read: Difference) of the ego between what it ‘contains’ (expects) and what it ‘doesn’t contain’ (experiences). I had known this previously but I’d understood it differently (not in the context of suffering, but rather that the emergence of the self is a product of the ‘asynchrony’ between the signals within the brain and the signals coming from outside the brain).  But now, in terms of suffering, there was that case I needed to ponder:

At what point does a masochist (erotic pleasure in suffering) actually suffer? When is it ‘not fun anymore’? And the answer is when they are no longer d’accord – in agreement (read: Sameness) with what is being done to them. That is to say we suffer when we aren’t in a state of harmony (again, Sameness) between what’s going on ‘inside’ us and what’s going on ‘outside’.

But to come back to the insight of the ’emergence of self’ mentioned earlier, this also makes sense of why Buddhists say that Life is ‘suffering’ or Dukkha (not ‘in the process of’ but ‘the experience of’). Indeed: the moment we are in a state of total sameness – between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ – then there is no ego because the ego is the boundary (read: Difference) between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.  And so we no longer suffer because there is no ‘we’ which suffers. So total harmony – the ‘dissolving of self’ – is this Nirvana/Bliss we humans all purport to seek – and thus this is the metaphor of Christianity’s “original sin” and “fall from grace” – the schism that is the ego – and the ‘entering the Kingdom of Heaven’ is the dissolution of self/ego.

It’s all sameness and difference… *facepalm*

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