Going Down…

Hi all,

This site will most probably soon be going offline. I decided not to renew the contracts so they expired September 13th (seems godaddy grants a few days’ leeway, very appreciated!).

I have another site, with different content on www.chaosdruidry.com if you’re interested

Thank you for having interacted when and if you did. I will keep my wordpress profile so I can find you all at a later date. For now, this site probably should die as it was amateurish and begun in a time of my life when I was too unreliable (content postings too irregular), and I’m working on stepping-up my ‘game’ so if I make a new site it will incorporate all I’ve learned having done this one.

Wishing you all the best, and keep inquiring minds sharp!


3 thoughts on “Going Down…

    1. Hey Mike,
      Yeah, it’s kind of sad but I can’t afford to renew the hosting and subscription. I just managed to eke-out a few swiss francs to renew for the next month but my credit card is maxed-out right now and I’m currently unemployed so my next few months are looking grim. I don’t get enough traffic here to make a ‘donate’ button even a viable option.
      I’m trying to look at this in a positive light and as I said above, take it as a ‘lesson learned’. I will most probably start something in the future which will be cleaner and have a more coherent content (and more pictures, coz lord knows the people of the internet – except the few rare exceptions – need pictures!). Even if you’re not particularly interested in my other site, I’d appreciate the follow so that I can follow you back and not lose track of you!
      Man, I look forward to some financial stability so I can delve whole-mindedly into your latest posts. Right now I just don’t have the luxury nor the concentration to give it the reading it deserves *sob*
      I appreciate the comment and will remain a lurker on your site for sure!
      Wishing you all the best,


      1. Tom,
        Sorry to hear about your financial travails. I’ve been in that position before and know it’s absolutely a miserable place to be. Best of luck on finding something.

        Just followed you on the other blog. My own posts lately have been sparse and sporadic, so no worries, you’re not missing that much.

        Hope to see you around. Take care.

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