Influences and Inspiration

This page lists the authors from whose works I’ve learned or drawn inspiration. Though each one has different ideas, or even similar ideas; each has broken me out of my habitual human thinking and provided great mental exercise to break those bonds and stretch my imagination further.

This page gives credit where credit is due, and the books are listed below:

It is important that this list is by no means complete, nor is my reading of the above – I’m a “hunt-and-peck” reader, picking up one, reading a bit, then reading a bit from another one and so on. I cannot claim to have fully read any one of the above, but can say I’m still reading them!

One thought on “Influences and Inspiration

  1. Just discovered your blog. And I seeing your reading list includes GEB! GEB was part of a trilogy of books that helped form my philosophy and views. The other two were Janus: A Summing Up (Arthur Koestler) and The Jewel Hinged Jaw (Samuel R. Delany).

    I’m currently reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (Yuval Noah Harari)

    Will be following your writing. Loved your Mobius Strip post!

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